Aloha and kia ora

Ko te Moana nui a kiva te Moana. Ko Hanalei te awa.

I’m an award-winning experience designer, founder, and innovator.

10,465 Kilometers & Counting

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

We're following the music and the waves in 2020.

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What I Love

Design Driven

I employ and adapt HCD tools and techniques that starts with empathy and the problem. I then use my traditional background in design and tech to co-create thoughtful solutions.


My passion and energy, my entrepreneurial spirit pushes me to constantly lead and pursue new ideas. To do this, I'll develop or adapt a methodology that's right for the business.


I enjoy leading myself and others around me in new ways of working—whether it be design-thinking, lean, or agile—through workshops, writing, talks, and being a part of the ever-growing design and tech community.

Analytics & Research

I love to understand the ins and outs of a product and its market. I'll gather and use data and research to support product growth, spending just the right amount of time analyzing to make informed decisions.

UI & Visual Design

My background as a systematic Graphic Designer empowers me to not just convey great ideas, but take them all the way through to development. From UI to marketing to print to branding, I’ve done it all.


Conveying ideas isn’t always static. In fact, it’s often a dynamic experience when communicating flows, interaction, and animations. To do this, I use InVision, Principle, Pixate, After Effects and more.

Years of Passion & Stoke

Ko Cody Iddings taku ingoa.

I have humble beginnings on the small island of Kaua’i, and have worked globally in California and New Zealand. Outside of work, I'm an avid surfer, gamer, and father of 3. I have a few different endeavors I'm currently a part of:

I'm part of the rogue Futures Team at Z Energy that embraces, teaches, and models innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets—including human-centered design, user experience, and product management techniques—to achieve our ambitious vision.

I'm a co-founder of a new startup, Akoako, on a mission to democratize high-quality team learning. Previously Senior Product Design at Trade Me and Art Director at SURFER Magazine.

I'm looking to bring my two passions together, surfing and gaming, to build a new surf game alongside Ben Weiland. If you want to learn more, please reach out!


Futures Portfolio Manager and Experience Design Lead at Z Energy 

Co-founder at Akoako


Senior UX Designer at Trade Me

Senior UX Designer and Team Lead at Digital Telepathy

Graphic Designer at BLVR

Assistant Art Director at Surfer Magazine

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Coffee, lunch, yarn, or even a surf.