My name is Cody Iddings. I'm an experience designer, product designer & entrepreneur, currently based in New Zealand.

10,465 Kilometers & Counting

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

In 2016, my family and I left San Diego and transplated to New Zealand.

 about our adventure

What I Love

Product Strategy

My passion and energy, through validated experiments, consistently pushes seeds of ideas and problems into marketable products. To do this, I'll develop or adapt a methodology that's right for the business.

Experience Design

When a client requests a new website or app, I often ask, ”What if the answer to your problem isn’t digital?” The core of experience design looks at users empathetically, to discover the best solutions, digital or not. This is truly the future of UX design.

Thought Leadership

My entrepreneurial spirit pushes me to constantly lead and pursue new ideas. I absolutely love leading my team in new endeavors with tools or skill sets, preparing talks for inspiration, and being a part of the ever-growing design community.

Analytics & Research

I love to understand the ins and outs of a product and its market. I'll gather and use data and research to support product growth, spending just the right amount of time analyzing to make informed decisions.

UI & Visual Design

My background as a systematic Graphic Designer empowers me to not just convey great ideas, but take them all the way through to development. From UI to marketing to print to branding, I’ve done it all.


Conveying ideas isn’t always static. In fact, it’s often a dynamic experience when communicating flows, interaction, and animations. To do this, I use InVision, Principle, Pixate, After Effects and more.

Selected Work

Codename: Serenity

2.2 Million people in America are diagnosed with Epilepsy. To prevent epileptic seizures, the largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in America wanted to help people track them. I developed a pitch, codename: Serenity, to engage with the user on a daily basis.

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Message the Agent

I pitched a new enquiry tool codenamed "Message the Agent" for Trade Me Property, which allows users to engage with agents quickly. This solves many of the issues we are having around our enquiries, including too many similar questions. Want to hear more about it?

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Shaloha Campaign

I created a successful campaign and fundraiser for our our friends at West Kauai Farms to pursue their vision of creating a sustainable way to bring agriculture education and healthy food to the people of Kaua’i.

View the finished campaign

Digital Telepathy Blog Redesign

When redesigning our own blog over at Digital Telepathy blog, we had one main objective: to elevate the experience of those reading, saving, and sharing posts. With fined-tuned typography, reading lists, and other elements, we believe we did just that.

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Codename: Felicity

It comes as no surprise that applying for a mortgage is an extremely complicated, stressful process. We pitched an alternative, friendly way to apply for a mortgage. We called her: Felicity. Want to learn more?

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Experience Design Workshop

Experience Design is not just for the designers or the support team, it's a call to action for everyone in the company to come together and create an experience that delights the customer and makes their day better. So at Digital Telepathy, I pitched, created, and ran a workshop using the Nintendo game Super Mario Maker to help that cultural shift.

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Years of Passion & Stoke

"Smart, energetic and very perceptive..."

I’m Cody. I have humble beginnings on the small island of Kaua’i and now find myself in New Zealand. I'm a husband, dad, surfer, gamer & adventurer. I'm often described as "The Entrepreneur" and desire a keen sense of ownership in everything I do.

I am an established interactive and print designer, focusing on user experience and product design. My passion is experience design, or Human-Centered Design. Experienced with clients ranging from large corporations to small endeavors, most notably:

  • 15Five
  • ChaCha
  • Collabnet
  • Digital Telepathy
  • Freedom Mortgage
  • Fuelly
  • Fullscreen
  • New Relic
  • Patagonia
  • Segment
  • Surfer Magazine
  • Trade Me
  • Upshur Smith


Senior UX Designer at Trade Me Property

Design Partner at PullMKT

Contractor at Segment


Senior UX Designer and Team Lead at Digital Telepathy

Graphic Designer at BLVR

Assistant Art Director at Surfer Magazine

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"Cody is at home owning and understanding complex problems, understanding the business rules and requirements and always championing the complete user experience. Truly a great person to have working on your product or leading your team. Seriously—hire him, he's freakin awesome!"

Mark McIntosh, Head of Product Design at The Warehouse Group

"Cody is a bright star in the UX community. He possesses a unique combination of creative insights and skilled analysis to blend art with science for a stunning, functional outcome. He blew me away with his ability to cut through the complexity and deliver clean, satisfying UX solutions to otherwise tough problems. His background, family, and work ethic make him the first guy I'd want on my UX team."

Victor Szalvay, Sr. Director, Product Management at CollabNet, Inc.

"Cody is one of the smartest people with whom I have worked. Due to his masterful eye for design and capacity to quickly & accurately absorb complex information, Cody is a dream to work with on complicated projects. He totally owns whatever project he is on, producing visually excellent and strategically-sound designs at an incredible pace.

Brian Bimschleger, Head of Strategy at Arthur

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Coffee, lunch, yarn, or even a surf.